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I am a bioinformatician specialising in non-coding RNA. I worked at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) where I established RNAcentral and led a team responsible for the development of Rfam. During my PhD in the Leontis-Zirbel lab I developed RNA 3D Motif Atlas, an automatic classification of RNA 3D motifs, and contributed to several databases and web apps for RNA 3D structure analysis, including RNA 3D Hub, WebFR3D, JAR3D, and R3D Align.

Most recently I created R2DT, the first method for automatic visualisation of RNA secondary structure in standard, community-accepted layouts, and applied my skills to developing drugs targeting RNA at Ladder Therapeutics.

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After reaching 9 years at EMBL-EBI, I am looking for my next RNA adventure. I am open to work opportunities and collaborations, and I am happy to provide consulting services via my new company, Riboscope Ltd.
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My Projects 🛠️


R2DT predicts and visualises RNA secondary structure in consistent, reproducible, and recogniseable layouts


RNAcentral is the world's largest non-coding RNA sequence database


Rfam is the RNA families database that contains over 4,000 RNAs and is widely used for genome annotation, benchmarking, and algorithm development

RNA 3D Hub

RNA 3D Hub provides annotations of RNA 3D structures, such as RNA 3D motifs, basepair interactions, and non-redundant sets of structures

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